Preventing Fraud on Payeezy Gateway for Online Payments

By Santa Barbara Merchant Services on May 17, 2018 at 10:11 PM in Credit Card Payment Processing

If you are a merchant online accepting credit card payments through the Payeezy Gateway, there are some fraud prevention steps you should take before getting up and running.

In this article, you'll learn ways to keep yourself from being a target of fraud. if you don't do these steps you could get yourself in a mess from bots using your "Pay Now" button as an authentication for stolen credit cards.
The first thing you want to do if you accept payments on your website in the form of a Pay or Donate not is to require a CAPTCHA. You know the click here to prove you're a human and click all the images of signs.

To turn on the CAPTCHA on your website payments page so that you are safe from similar bot attracts. That way only humans can make a payment.
Further credit card prevention includes tightening up your Velocity Controls.

In your Payeezy Admin backend, select Velocity Controls,

Change the minimum $ amount required for orders so that you do not accept payments for less than you lowest average sale. In your industry, you know your lowest fee. Select somewhat below that. This helps the bots from being able to authenticate stollen card number through your payment gateway and merchant processor. Typical authentication charges are a low amount. Follow the Velocity Controls link below.

Also under Velocity Controls, you can set a limit on multiple transactions on one credit card and on ip address to prevent multiple low dollar amount authentication charges.

Here are the Payeezy's links to full articles. Happy Fraud Preventing!

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