AnywhereCommerce Upgrades Mobile Card Reader

By Santa Barbara Merchant Services on Nov 19, 2013 at 08:12 PM in Credit Card Payment Processing

Nomad 2.0, a second-generation mobile EMV chip-and-PIN card reader from AnywhereCommerce, is reportedly smaller, lighter, less expensive and more useful than its 18-month-old predecessor.

“A lot of people are starting to wade into the market and figure out what they want to offer and how they want to offer it,” says Mitchell Cobrin, AnywhereCommerce CEO. “We’ve already done it, and now we’ve improved it and we’re on our next gen.”

The new device, about the size of an iPhone, measures one-quarter the thickness and one-tenth the weight of the old offering, Cobrin says.

AnywhereCommerce Upgrades Mobile Card Reader

“It has a much more updated ‘Applesque’ kind of design influence,” he says of the new offering. “It’s a much more ‘today’ kind of product.”

The new reader supports debit, credit, gift and loyalty transactions through magnetic strip and EMV technology. It comes with built-in Bluetooth capability and complies with PCI, EMVCo L1 and L2, and Visa Ready.

Independent sales organizations buy the new device for less than $100, about 40% less than the original, and many offer them to merchants for free, Cobrin says.

“I don’t think they’re going to go after the proverbial babysitter and dog walker who transacts once every other month,” he says.

Instead, the device would make sense for home-care workers, gardeners, electricians, plumbers and bricks-and-mortar retailers who want expedited checkout, Cobrin notes.

“Our expertise in delivering an end-to-end solution alleviates a lot of complexity and complications that a partner will be faced with,” Cobrin says. “It’s a complex mine field when you get into chip and pin.”

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