High Risk Credit Card Processing

High Risk Credit Card Processing
High Risk Credit Card Processing

High Risk Merchant Processing Solutions

In the payments industry, merchants with a higher level of managed risk often require specialty help with setting up a payment processing account. They need a service that equips their unique selling model, but without additional costs or slower transaction speeds.

Partnering with Santa Barbara Merchant Services allows managed risk merchants to cut through all this red tape. We guide each applicant through the underwriting process step-by-step and this enables us to significantly shorten the approval process to only 3-5 days! Once approved, managed risk clients are perfectly positioned with a secure, affordable and easy to use merchant account that keeps them and their customers moving ahead.

Below, is a short list of managed risk industries already served by Santa Barbara Merchant Services. This list is by no means comprehensive, so if your industry is not listed here, we will still likely be able to help. Click the contact button above to connect with a Santa Barbara Merchant Services managed risk processing expert and learn more about our competitive rates.

• Airlines and Jet Charters

• Bad Credit

• Bail Bonds

• Black List / Match List 

• Cigars, Pipes, Tobaccos

• Collection Agency

• Diet Programs

• Electronic Cigarette

• Educational Seminars

• Electronics

• High Ticket

• High Volume

• Multi-Level Marketing and Bizops

• Moving Companies and Transportation

• Tech Support

• Travel / Tours 

• Nutraceutical

• Online Firearm Sales

• Prepaid Calling Cards

• Software and E-Books

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