PayPal Payflow

PayPal Payflow Pro

Fully customizable payment gateway.

• Customers check out on your website
• PCI-compliant, at no additional cost 
• Works with your merchant account

What You Get 

Give customers more ways to pay: Payflow Pro gives you more ways to get paid than competitive gateways. Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover – plus get incremental sales by accepting PayPal and Bill Me  Later payments.

Keep your merchant account: Payflow Pro works seamlessly with your merchant  account from Santa Barbara Merchant Services, so you won’t need to change banks. 

Customize the customer experience: PayPal’s APIs put you in control of your  checkout, so you can create the experience that’s right for your customers. Keep customers on your website: Buyers can pay by credit card or debit card  without ever leaving your website – no PayPal account required. Buyers who  choose to pay with PayPal or Bill Me Later check out securely on 

Simplify PCI compliance: Payflow Pro offers two ways to simplify PCI compliance.  You can have PayPal host your checkout pages, or host them yourself. PayPal  securely processes and stores customers’ credit card information so you don’t  have to. PayPal provides this service at no additional cost.

Accept payments globally: Payflow Pro lets you accept PayPal payments in 190 markets around the globe, so you can get paid wherever your business takes  you. You can directly accept credit card payments in as many currencies as your  bank allows. 

Easily integrate Payflow Pro: Payflow Pro is pre-integrated with top e-commerce  platforms – or work with a developer to create your own solution.

How it Works

Payflow Pro lets you host the entire payment experience on your website.

Step-by-Step: Paying with a Credit or Debit Card

Step 1: Your site       A customer chooses to pay with a credit card or debit card. 
Step 2: Your site       They enter their shipping details on your checkout page.
Step 3: Your site       They enter their credit card details and the payment is processed. 
Step 4: Your bank     You get paid.

Step-by-Step: Paying with PayPal or Bill Me Later (optional)

Step 1: Your site             A customer chooses to pay with PayPal or Bill Me Later.
Step 2:        They are automatically taken to the PayPal site to log in. 
Step 3:        And they complete the payment. 
Step 4:        You get paid.

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