Menu Intelligence

Food for thought. Thought for food.

With Menu Intelligence, Santa Barbara Merchant Services tells you everything you need to know to make smarter menu decisions in a whole new way.

Menu Intelligence-1

Feast on this.

Spot which items perform best in every category of your menu. From the PBR to the Dom Pérignon, Santa Barbara Merchant Services knows what’s moving on the floor.

Menu Intelligence-2

Meet your favorite new four-top.

Do you know which item brings back guests? The Magic Quadrant breaks down your menu into four buckets: “One-Hit Wonders” (people buy a lot, but never return), “Greatest Hits” (popular, and keeps ‘em coming back!), underperformers (‘86 these!) and “Hidden Gems” (promote these). Bam!

Menu Intelligence-3

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Most online reviews talk about menu items, but who has time to read them all? Santa Barbara Merchant Services does it for you, connecting the dots between your menu and online opinions, to show which items are a smash hit, and which are dying. Engineers call this type of artificial intelligence “sentiment analysis,” but you’ll call it magic that helps you make smarter menu decisions in less time.

Menu Intelligence-4

Deconstruct your best entrée.

Like the back of a baseball card for each item on your menu, Santa Barbara Merchant Services tells you everything you need to know, and nothing you don’t, so you can focus on making the most of every dish.

Menu Intelligence-5

These guys crushed it.

See which servers sold the most of any menu item, over any time period. Running a sales contest? Santa Barbara Merchant Services measures the magic.