Shift Prep

Tasty knowledge.

Shift Prep gives you a leg up on tonight’s dinner service, hours before your first guest walks in the door. Your table management and point of sale systems just had a baby. Say hello to Shift Prep

Shift Prep-1

See what’s on deck.

In the critical hours before service begins, Shift Prep shows your team what they need to know before guests arrive. See who’s coming in tonight, and prevent problems from boiling over by knowing what’s going to happen, before it happens.

Shift Prep-2

Wax table 21.

Shift Prep puts everything you need to know about your guests at your fingertips, so you know about the VIPs coming in tonight, before they walk in the door.

Shift Prep-3

Two hours out on sirloin.

See which menu items will be popular with tonight’s repeat guests, hours before they arrive. Santa Barbara Merchant Services remembers what your regulars with reservations tonight ordered last time, so you don’t have to.

Shift Prep-4

Predict covers with precision.

Shift Prep predicts how many guests will visit tonight. It considers reservations, past results, holidays, the weather and nearly 20 other factors. It gets smarter each day. Engineers call this type of artificial intelligence technology “machine learning.” You’ll just call it magic.

Shift Prep-5

A sweet and savory integration.

Santa Barbara Merchant Services marries data from your table management and point of sale systems like prosciutto and melon. The result: delicious insights about your best guests.

Shift Prep-6

Set your timer.

Santa Barbara Merchant Services delivers Shift Prep timed perfectly to hit the table of your team’s pre-shift meeting moments before it begins, including news of any late-breaking reservations, predicted problems or specials. We custom tailor the timing of Shift Prep to meet the demands of your service.