Scott Ericson
Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce
SBMerchant is committed to this cause by reducing the cost of processing transactions during the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" by 80% and have created a separate ongoing donation tool for future generations.
Jose C.
SBMerchant added technology and insights for our five restaurants that we didn't know existed. Craig is constantly looking for ways to help. The transition with our existing POS System was flawless.
Juan J.
Cajun Kitchen
When you do business the way you / we do (e.g., bust our a$$, take the initiative, etc.) you / we set an expectation. The initiative on your part is much more consistent with my experience of dealing with you. So, thanks!
Santa Barbara Merchant Services has been instrumental in finding the right technology and out of box solution for our 5 franchise stores. In the process they were able to reduce my credit card fees by $1,000 per month/$12,000 per year.
Jeff A.
Good Feet Stores of Sacramento
Santa Barbara Merchant Services is more that a service provider to my business. I consider them a business partner, focused on helping me succeed in a very competitive marketplace. Thanks Craig! Eric Jackson Integrated IT Service Delivery
Eric J.
Integrated IT Service Delivery
SBMerchant is very easy to work with and saves my customers on their merchant account fees. He educates them on their bill and is out to build lifelong business relationships.
Timothy G.
Gozzano Consulting
Over the past 2 weeks Santa Barbara Merchant Services has reviewed our Credit Card processing charges. We had no idea we were paying over $900 per month in transaction charges + Statement fees and Bank fees. Craig was able to show us why were were paying so much and helped reduce our costs.
Michael K.
Ameravant, Inc
Santa Barbara Merchant Services and Craig are committed to providing outstanding services to his clients. He always finds innovative ways to help my business save money, time, and increase productivity.
Wel-Jara J.
Tri-County Locksmiths